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New Year New Opportunities

Hello, It’s cold here in Alberta Canada. I hope you are staying warm and healthy.

It’s a new year and a new beginning, so a perfect time to update you on my art business. I completed fewer paintings than usual but they were more portraits commissions which made them more challenging than ever before.

I had the honour of painting my ’ ‘aunt‘ Hilda who passed last year and her hubby my ‘uncle’ Bernie who passed almost a year later.

It’s very challenging to paint someone who has passed but my hope is my painting which shows their love for each other will give solace to those left behind.

This multi-generation portrait was a commission from my sister.. I call it “Girl Power” and I think i’s a terrific idea! It includes my sisters‘ two girls and their girls, my sister and my mother. 3’x1’ Acrylics on canvas.

This was a gift for a good hearted neighbour as repayment for his many good deeds. He loves everything John Deere so I posed his children on his tractor and his comment when he saw it was ”I love it - and the grandchildren are in there too” lol!

I have been taking lessons in portraiture from the Kara Bullock online art school In particular the Lets Face It 2021 course and will continue with the Let’s Face It 2022 course.

As a result of this training I have become more creative and experimental in my portraiture and this image resulted. It was painted on onion skin and I plan to do more of these as I am very pleased with the results in the texture.

This last portrait I completed in 2021 was referenced from a blurry black and white photo. It’s of her lovely mother and is a gift for her father. These portraits start at $150 for an 8x10.

I have consolidated my storefronts so it is easier than ever for you to shop my swag… just scan this QR code or click this link

to get there. Feel free to share it! Thanks

Well that’s about it - goodbye 2021 and hello 2022!

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