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Claudette is a native Albertan and former graphic designer, who is skilled in design and illustration but, especially loves to paint original fine art portraits of your children and pets.

She spent her summers lakeside growing up so water is an ever
present inspiration; as are flowers, especially peonies. The rural open skies and vast prairies are also favourites.

She was mentored under Sharon Moore-Foster who introduced
her to painting with mixed media. After much experimentation, she
developed her own technique using multiple layers of onion skins
which gives a rich texture, vibrant golden tones and brings the
subject to life. 

To book a portrait sitting, commission a painting or arrange
a studio tour, contact her at

My Story

I specialize in portraits and waterscapes – painting the light as it reflects on the water in my waterscapes and as it defines the features in my portraits. I have been drawing  people's faces since I was a teen and over the years I have over 150 portraits under my belt.


On April 27, 2015 I started my full time painting career painting miniature 4”x4” paintings and posting photos of them on my Facebook page. People began asking what they were all about so I created a blog - (just click on “blog” in the menu above).


On May 1, 2015 my blog went live and I began the daily ritual of painting one miniature 4"X4"
painting-a-day and posting it for 90 days – bringing meaning to each day by marking it with a painting

I paint much larger now as miniature doesn't mean easier.


 In 2018 circumstances changed and we moved permanently to the Barrhead area. I had to go back to painting part time.


Covid got me interested in surface pattern design as I couldn't do any showings. 


In 2022 I left my part time job to pursue my art career full time but I had to put it on hold once again as I was diagnosed with breast cancer!


I am retired now so I have more time to dedicate to my art. I like to keep my fingers in lots of pies and learning something new and challenging is always something I crave. My latest foray in surface pattern design means I have a collection of wearable art and fabrics as well as home decor products available. Just click on products and services in my menu above. 


I also compiled an art coffee table  book featuring the best of my paintings which you can purchase in my Gallery. 

I hope my art brings joy to you as it has brought me joy.

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