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New series...

I have been working on a series of 4 paintings that are taking me in an entirely new direction! They involve painting children, which I love, but I am not painting portraits of a real person, but using a reference photo of my muse for the pose and the rest is entirely from my head. The results are fantastical, and I am having a lot of fun experimenting and discovering new processes! The 2 outside paintings shown here are completed and the inside one of the cupid is in process. I haven't named the series yet - I will wait until all 4 are completed. If you have any ideas, please PM me on my FB art page or email me. Or better yet, leave your comment below. Anyone who does comment, will be entered into a draw to win the painting on the left! Draw is on April 12! These works will be available in my store soon, so stay tuned.

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