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A Painting a Day #39 - Lovely Lilacs

Lovely Lilacs 4"X4" mixed media on masonite. Not in my online store as it is already sold.

I got a request for lilacs. I experimented with white glue to create the interesting surface texture on this one. Then I gessoed over top. These little flowers are quite complex so I tried to simplify - which is easier said than done! All in all this painting looks great in a white frame and I may just give it another shot tomorrow. Then again, I just got a request for a gardenia and some lily of the valley - lol!

I started painting one 4"X4" miniature daily on May 1st 2015. After a near fatal drowning experience in 2013, I realized just how precious life is and I wondered why I was waiting to do what I loved most. I just wasn't finding the time.

It took a while to commit to it, but a year later, I decided I just had to make the time and I enrolled in some fine art acrylic painting classes. Under my teacher, Sharon Moore-Foster, I gained confidence and found my soul's voice through my paintings.

Now I am fully committed to expressing myself through my fine art by creating one miniature painting to mark each passing day – to leave my mark in this world.

These little miniature gems are for sale through this website where I started an online store.

Just click to the link "Store" in the menu above to view my works and/or purchase.

I also do larger works and portrait commissions. Just email me or follow my page on Facebook and message me.

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