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Updates and newsflashes....

Since I don't have a newsletter per say, I will update you here. I have a painting showing in Word & Images:Creative Crossovers show at the Multicultural and Heritage Center in Stony Plain until December 14th.

"The Comeback" is a piece I did that relates to how I feel about COVID. I will be at the virtual artist premiere on November 5th on YouTube. Anyone can join - I would love to "see" you there.... Here is the link:

Three of my paintings are showing at the Renaissance Hotel at the international airport. "Purple Onion", "Bok Choy", and "Spring's Promise". The show is called: "The Artful Arrangement:Modern Still Life" and runs from November 2nd till January 29th. Virtual Premiere TBD.

And, finally in other news, I have joined an online directory that lists local artists in Alberta. The directory is called Art By Locals and I am honoured to be the featured artist this month. The link is here:

You will have to scroll to the bottom of the main page to see it.

That's it for now.

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