V    I    S    U    A    L        A     R    T     I     S     T


An Albertan and Canadian fine artist, Claudette MacLean specializes in painting expressive fine art portraits and waterscape paintings.


Open to take on portrait commissions: choose the "Portraits" collection in the art gallery to view her portraits and click the "Contact" button above for a quote. You can also email a photo of the subject along with your request for a portrait quote to claudettecreative@gmail.com by clicking on the mail icon at the bottom of this page.

On April 27, 2015 she started painting miniature 4”x4” paintings and posting photos of them on her Facebook page. People began asking what they were all about so she created a blog - (just click on “blog” in the menu above).


On May 1, 2015 her blog went live and she began the daily ritual of painting one miniature 4"X4" painting-a-day and posting it for 90 days – bringing meaning to each day by marking it with a painting. 


These one of a kind original little miniatures as well

larger works are for sale through this website  (Just click to the link “Gallery" in the menu above to view and PM or email claudettecreative@gmail.com to purchase them.)

Claudette likes to keep her fingers in lots of pies and learning something new and challenging is always something she craves.... her latest foray is in surface pattern design and she has a collection of clothing and fabrics as well as various products available on sites such as Spoonflower.com. Just click the "clothes" link to view her surface pattern design portfolio and then scroll down to see the items in her clothing store.